Ashish Chanchlani lost 15 kgs of weight in just 120 days .

Ashish Chanchlani Weight Loss:

Famous YouTuber and influencer Ashish Chanchlani is always in the news for different reasons. Today, no one needs to identify him. Ashish has always won the hearts of the audience with his unique talent and comedy style. But for the past few days, this YouTuber has come into the limelight due to a different reason.


A few days ago, Ashish Chanchlani shared some of his pictures on his Instagram account, which surprised many. People can’t believe their eyes after seeing Ashish Chanchlani body transformation in the photos. Seeing his new look, the fans have only one question that how did he lose so much weight in such a short time? If you are wondering the same, then let us know about his weight loss secret…

Ashish Chanchalani’s weight loss secret?

According to media reports, Ashish Chanchalani has followed a very strict diet and gym routine to lose weight. For four months he ate a balanced diet and completely avoided outside junk food.

Portion control

Instead of eating a full meal at one time, Ashish used to eat little by little every day. According to health experts, this way of eating helps boost metabolism by increasing digestion, which burns more calories.

How was the workout routine?

Ashish was doing gymming for around 4 hours every day. That includes cardio to strength training as well as boxing, battle ropes, cycling and running.

These are special tips given to fans

Meanwhile, Ashish has also given some special tips from his Instagram story for those who want to lose weight. According to Ashish Chanchalani, 3 things are most important to remember if you want to lose weight. The first thing is not to try to change yourself by being offended by what others say. I mean, if you want to change yourself because people make fun of you, you won’t be able to push yourself for long. Change only for yourself and your own happiness.

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