4’ Luis Suarez (Julian Gressel) - MIA 1, ORL 0

The home team got on the board early in the match, with Julian Gressel scoring from the right side. The midfielder sent a ball through the middle, allowing Luis Suárez to reach Gallese in the box for a close shot.

11’ Luis Suarez (Julian Gressel) - MIA 2, ORL 0 

Miami doubled their lead with Suárez scoring again, this time with Gressel in the 11th minute.

29’ Robert Taylor (Luis Suarez) - MIA 3, ORL 0

Miami made it a three-goal game as both Suárez and Taylor found their way behind the backline, ultimately seeing Suárez throw the ball to his on-rushing teammate for his third goal of the game.

58’ Lionel Messi – MIA 4, ORL 0

Miami's captain scored his first of the game, getting on the lucky end of a goalline clearance by Robin Johnson.

62’ Lionel Messi (Diego Gomez) - MIA 5, ORL 0

Messi recorded his brace in the 62nd minute with a header from Luis Suarez's cross.

Match Note

– Facundo Torres made his 75th start in his Orlando City career.