Prime Minister Narendra Modi stirred curiosity when he used the placard "Bharat" instead of "India" during the G20 leaders' summit.

"Bharat" is the Sanskrit or Hindi title for India and is officially used alongside "India." 

The controversy around "Bharat" arose when G20 dinner invites referred to India as such, sparking political debates about the country's name, history, and colonial legacy.

Indian officials at the G20 event also wore badges that read "Bharat Official," signaling a shift in naming convention.

PM Modi has been focused on shedding India's colonial past and emphasizing the need to break free from the "slavery mindset."

India's colonial history under British rule for nearly 200 years has prompted Modi to disrupt this legacy.

Efforts to rename roads and buildings that once honored India's Muslim identity and Mughal leaders in favor of celebrating the Hindu majority have been part of this initiative.

Some supporters argue that "India" is a colonial-era remnant, and "Bharat" better symbolizes the country's culture.

Virender Sehwag, a former Indian cricket star, advocated using "Bharat" on players' shirts during the Men's Cricket World Cup.

The debate over the use of "Bharat" versus "India" reflects a larger discourse about national identity and historical legacies in India.